Can Donating Blood Maximize Your Life Force?


“The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.
And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.” ~Rabindranth Tagore, Gitanjali

In the U.S. alone a pint of blood is needed every 2 seconds to save someone’s life.😧

Giving blood may seem like a chore, a pain (literally) or even a waste of time. It seems like the hardest thing to find in the age of infinite abundance is time. We have access to more than we ever have in any point in history and with that we have completely depleted our free time.

So who has time or desire to go sit in a chair and have someone drain the blood out of your body?😅

We all should.

Science says that donating blood, even once or twice a year can deplete excess iron in your blood. This reduces your chance of having a heart attack by up to 88%!😲 Excess ferritin in the blood also causes toxic load on your liver and brain.

Ancient cultures used “Blood Letting” as a form of medicine to cure many ailments.



It seems that the ancient scholars had access to information that science is just discovering once again. Anti-aging circles, biohackers and high performance athletes are all remembering the powerful benefits of donating blood.

I’ve been able to use this tool to improve mental and physical performance for years. Today they were having a blood drive at Church. I donated a pint of blood and immediately went to pick up a green juice from Whole Foods. Right after I went straight home and used The BEMER. The BEMER is the world’s leading PEMF device.

*If you haven’t heard of PEMF, please research it. I’ll post about it another time.


Within about 30 minutes my endorphins started soaring. I felt light on my feet, positive and ecstatic!🤩 You can literally feel all the cells in your body dancing and vibrating at the perfect frequency!💯

In everything I do I have the intention of activating the law of giving and receiving. When you do your best to first give and gracefully receive you can create a constant state of flow in your life. With the excess energy from the flow state you can do more good in the world. With that momentum you can create a self perpetuating flow of life energy and life can be truly effortless.

You can donate every 56 days. If I could go more often I would. So go ahead. Give the gift of life to someone who needs it more than you.