Tie knots

Your simple guide to perfectly Tie Knots

Have you ever felt that kind of pressure and frustration because you can’t tie a knot?

It can become extremely frustrating if you don’t know how and you don’t have anyone to help when you are needed someplace that requires formal wear. I have seen my father tie his knot in seconds but I can’t get it right every time I try tying it myself. I had to attend my friend’s wedding back then and it took me almost half an hour trying to figure it out before I gave up and called my father for help. It was sort of embarrassing.

I know they call it a modern-day men’s suit since Beau Brummell made it known in the early 1800s. Wearing ties to work, to a funeral, to a wedding, and to a high school dance became the norm since then. I had to learn how to tie the knots perfectly. I wanted to avoid that feeling of pressure and frustration because of not knowing. There are various types of tie knots. You’ll be surprised to know that there are different occasions for each kind of tie knots as well.

Let me guide you how to tie the Full Windsor Knot and Half Windsor Knot. These are the most popular tie knots.

The first one is tying a Full Windsor Knot.

tie knots
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-It is one of the easiest ways to tie a knot.
-It screams confidence.
-It is a wide, triangular knot that is very suitable for presentations in a meeting or job interviews.

-First, you find the right balance depending on the length of your tie with the wide end on the right-hand side and the narrow end on the left side.

-Then you cross over the wide end over the narrow end.

-Next, you take the wide end through the loop between the collar and the tie and pull the wide end back down.

-Next, pull the wide end underneath, and take it through the loop again to have a symmetrical shape and you’re almost done.

-Lastly, take the wide end across the front and put it underneath and slide it through the loop while you tie the knot. You can adjust it by tightening the knot or loosening it depending on your comfort.

Full Windsor Knot is very common for wide collared suits.

Half Windsor Knot

tie knots
From (ties.com)

-is also one of the common tie knots.
-It is quite easy to do, it is classic and more triangular so it looks symmetrical.

-First, start with the wide end on your right and the narrow end on your left.

-Then take the wide end and bring it across the front of the narrow end then you wrap it around the narrow end.

-Next, take the wide end and take it down through the loop between your collar and your tie. You’ll notice you already have a triangle starting to form.

-Then bring your wide end out to the right and take it across from right to the left over the knot.

-Then you take the wide end and bring it up through the loop and let it drop down through the first loop.

-After that, you just need to tighten it up.

Easy and convenient.