HomeMade Soap

Easy Home Made Soaps for Soft and Smooth Skin

Rose Petals Soap


1/2 cup of clear glycerin soap base

rose petals
20 drops of scent of your choice


Melt about 1/2 cup of clear glycerin soap base. When melted,
add approximately 20 drops of scent (for better fragrance, add
Rose Garden fragrance). Using a pair of tweezers, dip rose
petals in the melted glycerin soap. Dip one at a time, shaking
off the excess soap, and place the petal on waxed paper to dry.
As they start to dry, gently turn them over to keep them from
getting a glob of soap underneath them.

Home Made Soap for Natural Glow


Bars of natural fragrance or color free soap
Essential oil
Food coloring
Almond oil
Vitamin E oil
Grate soap in a blender and boil a pot of water and put a glass
bowl over the pot. Add some almond oil into the bowl and then
add soap into the bowl. Take the water from the pot and add it
into the bowl until soap changes into paste. Add oils, color, and
vitamin E as desired. Let cool in molds of your choice. Air out
on wax paper for a day or two.