how to Build Muscle At ANY Age

4 Golden Tips To Build Muscle At ANY Age!

1- Tip number one is workout for symmetry you heard that term aesthetics everybody throws around the term aesthetics being static what’s it say aesthetics basically means that you are symmetrical and what I mean by working out for symmetry is you want to make sure that you’re not just focusing on one body part or that one body part that you have that grows really quick that looks really good that’s easy and fun to work out every single person has a body part two possibly three that are genetically better than other body parts .

2- The second Tip to building a Greek god like body because all the Greek gods you see you see them right you can see the muscles is get lean diet and cardio it’s a two-way street some people try just to get lean with diet alone eat too much and so I would rather do a little bit of fasted cardio for me fasted cardio best thing bodybuilding there were two reasons number one I was symmetrical I worked the muscles that I didn’t want to work .

3-The third Tip is you gotta get rest one of the things that that totally sabotages everything all of your hard work is not getting adequate sleep you need to let your muscles heal you need to let them recover that’s the other reason why I will take away protein before I go to bed when you’re resting that is the time in which your body is healing and rebuilding  .

4-  number four  is “consistency” you can’t do something for a week and expect crazy results or do something for a month and then take a month off it’s about consistency each and everything is about consistency diet consistency workout consistency eating right supplement to everything is consistency and if you do it enough and keep doing it you are going to be amazed that the body you build and the development of your Greek god like personal physique .