So it doesn’t take a genius to know that having nice eyes is definitely an
attractive trait and it’s one of the first things women look at, especially
when you’re having an intimate interaction. However, not all of us were
blessed with blue or green eyes. In today’s Post, we’re gonna go over six things that you can do to have
more attractive eyes, completely natural.

1- let’s cover the one area of color you can change, and it’s the whites of your eyeball
While you can’t actually change .the color of your pupils, at least naturally,
the whites of your eyeballs do change colors to signal changes in your body. For example,
if you have allergies or you’re tired, your eyeballs are gonna get red. If you have a lot of toxins in
your body or some sort of kidney problem they’re gonna get a yellowish tint
Your goal is to keep them as white as possible to make them pop and sparkle.
wider eyeballs are definitely more attractive than having a yellow or red eyeball,
so if you suffer from a lot of irritation or dryness definitely try some eye drops, it’ll add moisture back
to your eyes and remove some of that redness. If you have a yellow tint it
could signal something more serious or like you have a lot of toxins in your
body or some sort of liver problem. If it’s not that serious this just means
you should start definitely eating more vitamins, so a lot of vegetables and a
lot of fruits, what this is going to do is all those vitamins are gonna help
detoxify your body and especially your liver to make sure it’s back running A-1.

2- crow’s feet. using eye creams and eye serums. make sure that when
you are 40, look 20 and crow’s feet is definitely not something attractive that
you want around your eye.

3- dark eye circles
This is another thing that’s unsightly around your eyes that can make them less attractive.
Usually, dark eye circles are formed from dilated blood vessels right underneath your
eyes that darken that area and gives you those dark eye circles. Easy hack if
you suffer from this it’s completely free and it works almost instantly, grabs
two spoons throw, them in the freezer for around an hour once they’re really cold
put them on your eyes especially around that area for around 20 or 30 minutes.
The cold metal will reduce the swelling, promote some of that blood flow to get
the blood flowing, and reduce the dark effect that you get under your eyes.

4- wears some sort of frame or eyewear. the great thing is that most
of us might have some symmetries when it comes to our eyes. Wearing something
symmetrical will bring balance especially around to that region making
you look more attractive if you find the right pair for your face shape.

5- The fifth thing you want to do to achieve more attractive eyes is, drink plenty of water.
Beautiful eyes rely on hydration and replenishing your body’s fluids will definitely keep
it hydrated, which will reduce puffiness and redness to things you definitely
don’t want to run your eyes. Other things you can do is also cut back on the
alcohol and caffeine, both of these dehydrate your body which
increases the puffiness and the eye redness.

6- pick up a pair of sunglasses when you’re going outside. These will do two things, one
it’ll protect your eyes from the damage of UV rays but it’ll also protect your
eyes from wrinkles. You see when you go outside without* sunglasses we tend to squit
our eyes a lot. Squinting will increase those crow’s feet and wrinkles and fine
lines around your eyes, getting a sweet pair of frames will protect you from both
of those.