how to look more muscular

5 Easy Clothing Tricks That Make You Look More Muscular

1- the first thing I want to tell you is to avoid the baggy t-shirt

trend now you guys know that
that’s popping right now but in reality
if your goal is to look more muscular
this is a trend you’re gonna want to
avoid and it’s all about the seams for
example look at your shoulder seams or
your shoulder points on most of these
oversize or baggy trendy t-shirts they
end up falling longer than where your
shoulders naturally end what this does
it makes your shoulders look droopy and
really soft and round it off and
honestly just makes you look like you’re
too small to even fill in that shirt
weer as a properly fitting t-shirt like
this one from trim the seams end right
where you want which is right where the
natural shoulder ends this broadens your
shoulders and overall makes you look
like you fit in the t-shirt and more
muscular the same goes with the sleeves
a lot of these longline tees and hide a
huge portion of your arms making your
arms overall just look like twigs
whereas a good fitting t-shirt that
shows off enough skin will come across
this way more muscular than that just
because you’re showing a lot more meat
this is why a t-shirt like this affirm
trim is exactly what you’re looking for
that’s where you’re going if you want to
come across as more toning more defined
you want a t-shirt that the sleeves end
around mid bicep that shows up just
enough arm skin to make you look toned
and if you want to take it up a step
roll up your
sleeves keep in mind that the largest
part of your arm is your tricep so when
you roll up your sleeve you really
expose that area making you look more

2-number two is to skip the hoodie

think about it falling winter and
the average uniform for almost every guy
is to wear a hoodie all the time now
hoodies are stylish nothing against that
but if your goal is to look more
muscular there are better alternatives
such as the jumper or the pullover most
of the time these tend to fit much more
closer to the body enhancing and showing
off your overall physique and it fits
just right in all the right places on
the shoulders on the chest and usually
throughout the arm, these are the areas
you want to highlight if you want to
come across as more muscular again this
t-shirts look amazing on guys something
as basic as that and at the end of the
day these are the basics where you
actually, want to invest in quality
because these are the ones you’re gonna
be wearing for a long time you don’t

3-the third hack

is free but it does take the most work and it’s just
having good posture no matter how jacked
you are if you have bad posture
including slouching your shoulders
hunched back and overall just an uneven
body you’re gonna look just
disproportionate on the other hand if
you are a relatively skinny guy with
good body posture is gonna make you come
across as more muscular so an easy hack
you can do just to see just how you
should be sitting and standing properly
it goes find a clear wall you want to
put your back up against that wall and
make sure your shoulders and your head
are touching the wall that right there
that is good posture that makes you look
more muscular instantly your chest looks
bigger your shoulders are squared off
and you look taller like I said though
it does take more work because you have
to constantly be checking yourself
making sure you have good posture number

4-four let’s cover jeans

jeans are a great
option for skinny guys looking to add a
little bit of bulk to their overall
frame trousers and keen
tend to be a thinner fabric jeans are
much thicker and a little secret you can
do is cuff them up you will shorten down
your leg a bit especially if you’re a
tall guy giving your leg the illusion of
it being wider again shorter wider
pretty simple ask for shoes this one
won’t over all make you look more
muscular but choosing the right pair
can’t increase the overall visual weight
of your outfit so boots not only do a
good pair of boots give you an extra
inch in height which just makes you look
taller and bigger overall but like I
said that chunky design of boots tends
to make you look heavier overall so if
you’re a skinny guy this is something
you can take advantage of and of course
you’re not gonna be wearing boots all
the time so an alternative to this is
just high-top sneakers same effect a
more casual or eternity okay right

5-before you go out do 10 sets of 10 reps
of push-ups

very very slow now I know I
said this is a clothing hack post but
this is a secret that I think every guy
should use if you’re about to go out and
you really want to look muscular maybe
it’s to impress a girl doing this will
instantly rush blood to all the right
places and give you that good solid pump
that when you implement all the previous
tips you’re just gonna look like are no
freaking swats and Egger when you walk
out the door and for that you can thank
me later