Mythic Oil

L’Oreal Professional Paris Mythic Oil Review

Oils nourish your hair but they can make them look greasy. Mythic oil nourishes your hair without making them look greasy. It’s a nourishing hair oil that can
save your hair strands from getting brittle. It can shield your hair from the heat damage while infusing them with moisture.

Mythic Oil Review

– Packaging

The packaging of the hair oil looks beautiful with a golden-colored glass bottle. The golden carton looks elegant as well. The bottle has a pump dispenser which makes it very easy and convenient to use the oil.

When you press the nozzle, it oozes out a coin-sized chunk. It gives you a complete control over the dispensed amount and lets you avoid wastage. The glass bottle is pretty fragile however and you will have to take a special care of it to make sure that it does not break.

– Claims

It gives your hair a 48-hour anti-frizz and anti-humidity protection. It adds nourishment to the unruly hair and softens them to make them evenly nourished. It is ideal for detangling your hairs after you wash them. It adds radiance after you blow dry your hair.

– Usage

You can use the mythic oil every day without getting disappointed. You can use it on dry as well as damp hair. Using it on damp hair makes them better defined
and less frizzy. It makes your hair shinier and also makes it easy for you style them. It will not weigh your hair down even if you use it every day.
It also works as an excellent detangler as well. It is a great option for those who have dry frizzy hair. In fact, it can defrizz your hair almost instantly.

– Efficacy

Mythic oil can make your hair ultra soft, smooth and bouncy. It can define your curls beautifully and it can control frizz really well. It does not make your curls crunchy and it can impart shine and gloss to your hairs. If you can team it with a good hydrating conditioner, its effectiveness increases.

When you apply it to your hairs, it does not leave any stickiness behind and it disappears in no time. If you have thick hairs, it will get absorbed in no time at all. You can also use it before styling or blow drying as well.

If you want to apply the serum after using a shampoo or a conditioner, you must do that after towel drying your hair. It also works for chemically treated hair as well where serums and regular oils are not advised. Including them in your regular hair care routine will leave them smoother and hydrated.

– Ingredient Analysis

It contains non-soluble silicones like Dimethiconol and Cyclopentasiloxane. It also contains C12-15 alkyl benzoate which is an emollient ester. Argan oil and Rice bran oil give the hair oil its thick consistency. Benzyl alcohol is used as a preservative in the oil. It does not contain any humectants or drying oils.

– Texture And Fragrance

The mythic oil has a very smooth and light texture that spreads evenly on your tresses. You can rub a little bit of mythic oil between your palms and apply onto your lengths evenly. It has a very pleasant fragrance that will probably remind you of a hair spa treatment. The smell will vanish after a few minutes of application.


– It is great for everyday styling.
– It nourishes your hairs optimally.
– It is very light and it has a smooth texture.
– It smells amazing.
– It comes with a nice pump dispenser.
– It comes with impressive packaging.


– Glass bottles are not travel-friendly.
– It is called mythic oil but it looks like a serum

To Sum Up

If you have been looking for a good hair oil that does not turn your strands greasy, you should probably try mythic oil. It comes in a beautiful packaging and it smells amazing. It will replenish your hair and make them look bouncy.

The pump dispenser gives you a complete control over the dispensed amount. It can defrizz your hairs instantly and it has a very light and smooth texture. You can also use it as a detangler after a blow dry. You can make it more effective if you team it with a good conditioner.