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Why use Protein Shampoo? And The Best in The Market

Why use Protein Shampoo?

Protein shampoo is shampoo with added proteins to nourish the hair. These proteins include keratin, silk and collagen. Keratin makes the largest proportion of hair strands. The keratin enriched shampoos provide additional keratin to the hair that coats the strands providing them with protection till the next wash. Silk is responsible for hair smoothening, strengthening and keeping the hair shiny. Collagen is responsible for making the hair elastic. The collagen enriched shampoos provide additional collagen to the hair for advanced protection against breakage.

For better performance, these products are combined in different compositions in some shampoos. In addition to the above-mentioned proteins, shampoos also contain a composition of detergents and moisturizers to cleanse and moisturize the hair. They also contain amino acids, vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents. Components of harsh surfactants detergents are also found in most protein shampoos, their main role is to keep your hair clean.

Pros :

1. Restoration of hair elasticity

Your hair may be losing its natural curls and hard to curl. To test the elasticity of your hair, take a strand of your hair, wet it and then stretch it. If it bounces back to its original length without breaking your hair is elastic but if it breaks or limps your hair needs a protein treatment to regain elasticity. Protein shampoos will fix elasticity problems.

2. Treatment of high porosity

High porosity means the presence of gaps and tears in the strands. These gaps allow for absorption of too much moisture that causes tangles, color loss and frizz. The use of protein shampoos helps avails the missing or inadequate vital proteins that thereafter seal the gaps reducing porosity and effects accompanied to it.

3. Treatment of stringy hair

Stringy or limp hair is prone to breakage. Protein shampoos provide your hair with deficient proteins, making the strands regain strength.

4. Reducing the effects of hair colors

The use of hair colors changes the texture of the hair making it break easily. To curb this use protein shampoos to give a better base for hair colors. This makes the strands stay strong during and after the chemical service.

5. Treatment of gummy and sticky hair

Gummy and sticky hair is due to damage in the hair’s internal support system. This is as a result of several subsequent chemical processing. A protein treatment helps reconstruct the support system giving life back to the strands.

6. Treatment of dull hair

Dull hair is caused by aging, medication, environmental and chemical stress. Protein treatments help your hair regain its ability to absorb and hold moisture needed to look shiny.

Cons :

Despite the long list of advantages that come with protein treatment there are few disadvantages accompanied to it. Among them is build up. If your hair is dull as a result of build up, protein shampoos won’t help. Clarifying shampoos should be used to fix build up.

For better performance, I recommend the use of shampoos containing hydrolyzed proteins. They are able to penetrate into the inner layers of the hair hence an effective treatment, not just coating. Avoid shampoos that contain harsh detergents, they may cause skin irritations. Consult your stylist to know the best shampoo for your hair.

Best Protein Shampoos in The Market

1. Salerm Protein Shampoo

protein shampoo

  • It should be used for an intensive care of damaged hair due to chemical treatments and exposure to high temperatures.
  • It has a pleasant smell and foams well.
  • Its natural PH level makes it not interfere with the hair moisture.

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2. Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo

protein shampoo

  • It should be used to treat weak hair due to coloring and heat styling.
  • It has a creamy texture.
  • It lathers well despite the absence of sulfates.
  • Has no side effects and can be used frequently.

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3.“it’s a 10” Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin

protein shampoo

  • It should be used for sun damage .
  • thermal styling and hair color protection.
  • It is sulfate and sodium chloride free.

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4. Redken Extreme Shampoo

protein shampoo

  • It should be used for internal hair strengthening.
  • It can be used frequently.
  • It gives a quicker restoration of the natural shiny look of the hair.

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5. Sukin Protein Shampoo

protein shampoo

  • It makes hair shiny and soft.
  • Can be used frequently but its prolonged use can result in a decline in the oiliness of the hair.
  • It does not over-dry the skin and the hair.

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