Salt Free Shampoo

Salt Free Shampoo : Reasons To Use It And The Best in The Market

So, is salt free shampoo really worth your time and money?

Well, the benefits of sulfate-free shampoo ranges from being free of harsh cleansers to being made
of natural ingredients. Most shampoo formulas usually have active ingredients and additives used to treat several scalp and hair conditions. Sodium chloride (salt) is the most common addictive found in several shampoo formulas. On your average shampoo, it is probably listed as sulfate. Addictive is a thickener used to increase hair viscosity, giving the product a creamy texture. Manufactures prefer using salt because it is a fairly cheap and effective agent.

Why use a Sulfate free shampoo for your hair?

The fact that we naturally consume salt in our food does not make it okay to use it in our shampoo. Most sodium chloride shampoos have a thick consistency which allows it to easily spread across your head of hair. This may make you think you have got an effective hair-care product. Below are some advantages of using sodium chloride free shampoos on your hair.

• No one wants to develop dryness and an itchy scalp, right? This is exactly the reason why you should avoid spreading this ingredient on your hair. Sulfate strips your hair of essential moisture and natural oils, causing irritation on your hair strands and scalp making them weaker. Other people experience eczema or acne on their hairline due to rebound oil production.

• If you have previously undergone keratin treatment, try as much as possible to avoid shampoos with this ingredient. It will definitely undo the effects of your treatment. Keratin treatment is generally very expensive and precious.

• Shampoos containing this ingredient can change your hair color and dehydrate the strands. Sodium chloride can potentially strip your hair of some protective layer or barrier. Sulfate free shampoo ensures that your dye job lasts much longer.

• Sodium chloride being slightly hazardous and an irritant, small accidental contact with your eye could result to a burning or itching feeling.

• Sulfate free shampoos are cleaner and more natural alternative, because sulfates leave some unwanted film on your hair.

• Sulfate free shampoos are made of natural oils that have great effects on the summertime humidity and the dry hair experienced in winter due to indoor

However, as great as salt-free shampoos may be, they do have a few downsides :

• Most of these shampoos don’t leather so well, so knowing if you have properly cleaned your hair could be difficult.

• If you have thick hair, make sure you wash it more than once with this type of shampoo. If you are on a slim beauty budget, this can be negative as you will
end up using more than expected.

• Most sulfate free shampoos are ineffective on dandruff apart from a few designed to alleviate it.
Negatives aside, sulfate free shampoos can turn out to be an overall investment on your hair quality. So, with the several health advantages it comes with, it is worth using this product on your routine hair care activity.

There are a lot of hair care product choices currently in the market for you. You can choose from myriads of sulfate free formulas such as Pureology and Kerastase.

Keep reading as we have collected a list of the ultimate sulfate free shampoo you can buy.

1. Aveeno Pure Renewal

Salt Free Shampoo

If you are looking to try something sulfate free, try Aveeno. This is a tried and trusted brand that is most convenient to your needs. Most of their products can be purchased online at Amazon or at any drug store. It is an affordable option that is safe for any color-treated hair. Also, it will clear any impurities gathered on your locks easily without any stripping. Seaweed extract is added as a natural plus.

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2. Pureology Hydrate Sheer

Salt Free Shampoo

Although quite expensive, Pureology is one of the most popularly known salt free options to deliver quality results.All products made by Pureology are sulfate free. Its ingredients include sunscreens and a hydrate line meant for color-treated hair. Also, the product contains green tea botanicals, sandalwood and certified organic rose. These products ensure that your hair gets the natural treatment it craves for. Your scalp will not feel squeaky or dry.

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3. John Masters Organics Shampoo

Salt Free Shampoo

This salt free shampoo option is strictly organic and does not contain harsh chemical ingredients. It has a pH balance that is highly favorable for dry hair. Also, it is good for color-treated hair. John Masters contains natural extracts from 17 plants and the essential oils that will effectively nourish your hair without stripping it down.

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4. Aura Botanica Micellar

Salt Free Shampoo

This sulfate free shampoo contains natural ingredients such as the Amazonian Brazil Nut Oil. The oils contain nourishing fatty acid, vitamin E and selenium. It also has Thai Rice Bran Oils rich in antioxidants and several vitamins. Additionally, Kerastase shampoo gives your hair a soft and silky feeling because it uses coconut as a cleansing agent. You might need to shampoo twice if you have a slightly thicker hair. When massaging it into your scalp, try to add a little water. This shampoo is best suited to fine hair.

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5. L’Oreal Ever Strong

Salt Free Shampoo

An 8.5 ounce bottle of this sulfate free option is easy to find and affordable. It increases your normal hair gain volume thanks to the patented amino acid complex which makes weak hairs appear thicker.

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Salt Free Shampoo

The WONDER & CLEANSE NOURISH by Percy and Cleanse could permanently change your hair care habits. It is jam-packed with natural ingredients such as Camellia Oil and Aloe Vera. Also, it consists of a blend of natural oils. It is a super-smart cleanser that thoroughly cleans, nourishes and conditions every
strand. This detergent free cleansing cream helps soothe the scalps promoting healthy hair growth and no lather-cleansing that keeps your hair-color for longer.

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7. Childs Farm Baby Shampoo

Salt Free Shampoo

This fragrance free baby shampoo is suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin. Try this if you have a sensitive scalp and would not like to spend a small fortune. This one is definitely a must-have.

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In summary, choosing the right shampoo is a very important factor in maintaining the right condition of your skin and hair. You should carefully consider features such as the shampoo’s pH balance and the wild naturals. If you feel you have frizzy and dry hair, or your hair-dye is fading; simply try a salt free

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