Be MORE Confident

5 Self Esteem Activities Should Do DAILY! To Be MORE Confident

confidence is the most critical thing that we need in order to kick life’s a$$ there’s nothing more important in my opinion but the truth is there’s no magic formula what makes me feel incredibly good and confident is gonna be different than what makes you feel confident other important thing to know about confidence it’s not a zero-sum game it’s not either you’re confident in every single aspect of your life or you’re not you can be confident in certain areas and totally insecure and others but there are a few things that are incredibly common when it comes to guys feeling insecure and so today I’d like to go over six things that you can do today to feel more confident in these confidence killing areas .


is all about success feeling successful that’s one of the things that has meant a lot of a struggle with right we feel like we’re underperforming we’re not as successful as we’d like to be quick confident fix daily goals as then write down one daily goal to start not 10 not 27 once goal needs to be obtainable it can’t be like totally like I want to lose 50 pounds today unless you cut off your legs that ain’t happening small goals that you can actually accomplish maybe it’s I want to go to the gym I want to call my mother and by each day accomplishing the goal that you set out to accomplish it’s going to do wonders to boost your self-esteem and ultimately your


is a physical appearance a lot of times we as men feel very insecure about the way that we look so a few things you can do in order to correct that immediately is a start working out some other things you can do is revitalize your wardrobe clean out your wardrobe of items that you do not like that do not fit and then
systematically buy additional pieces that are going to make you feel great about what you’re wearing once a week or once a month or however often you can afford go out and actually replace something old with something new that fits you and looks in


security that a lot of guys struggle with is sexual insecurity some guys are a little bit concerned that it’s not and by it I mean it is not as grande don’t worry about the size I’m telling you the only person that’s worried about it is you take your time as long as it it works you’re cool


biggest insecurity that a lot of guy have that affects their confidence is not feeling like they’re good enough socially right everybody else seems to be doing amazing things have more stuff have better times have better
relationships the cure the fix detox from social media I know for myself when I was spending a lot of time on Facebook or Instagram looking at everybody’s fabulousness I started to feel bad about myself like I was missing out like I wasn’t good enough like everybody had this incredible super fantastic life and I was just kind of living right and and dealing with with life stresses and and the issues that you deal with with life and I detox I took myself off of Facebook for the most part it’s not incredible because I think I stopped comparing myself to other people and and what they were doing and and all sorts of stuff and and almost like instantly I felt better and more confident about me


is financial alright how many of you out there if you’re a little bit like not exactly confident about your financial situation money is one of the things that absolutely hurts us in terms of confidence and so the solution work on your resume the simple act of updating your resume is incredible what it does for the psyche it makes you feel better it makes you feel empowered but when you get into a job and you get into a rut where you’re kind of just grinding it out and not really loving what you’re doing and just making a salary it can be daunting and a little bit depressing guys take action take control get yourself the job you deserve and last