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The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion Shoes

With the developments of the modern world, and the fact that the internet has brought us so close together that people in Europe can talk about things thathappened in Australia in the same day that these things happened, the world is kind of weird.

Now this is a good thing obviously. However it does make it hard for us to adapt to what is happening and to keep up.

Nowhere can this be seen so good as it can be seen on the fashion trends and styles. Within this category the thing that changes the most is the women’s fashionshoes. That is one thing that will never be similar again.

So is it possible to be on the same note the newest and most desired women’s fashion shoes? Yes it is! You just need to know a few fundamental things as far asfashion goes.

Consider this as a guide to women’s fashion shoes, a guide that will help you become even more attractive and good-looking by making it easy to make the rightdecision when it comes to buying something that is “in”.

General Rules:

A scientific breakthrough is something really hard and tough to be achieved, something that is pretty much the same to achieve is to bring a new article ofclothing.

This means that no matter how much style and fashion change the fundamentals are the same. Think of t-shirt, for how long have they been around? It doesn’tmatter, they never change, what changes is the design.

The same applies to shoes. The example here is even easier. Think of high heels and boots. Although there have been subtle changes on them as of lately, theyare still the same, boots are boots and high heels are high heels.

What we are trying to say here is that the morphology of the shoe will pretty much never change, it is only the design that changes.

The Fashion cycle:

Now we know that shoes and clothes don’t change very often shape-wise, however design-wise they change pretty much on daily basis, so how do you keep upwith that?

Well you just need to pay attention to what is happening around you. Some specific colors and types will go out of fashion and then make a huge return.

Think vintage! People would laugh at you if you wore something vintage a while ago. Nowadays though it is considered to be a sign of unique style! We like tocall this the fashion cycle.

Women’s Fashion Shoes:

Before we get carried away let’s turn back to our main subject, women’s fashion shoes. We needed to point these things out before we start talking aboutwomen’s fashion shoes, in order to prove a point.

If you know about all the types of shoes out there you will be able to be stylish and follow the trend easily. Why is that? Because you know how trends work,and following something that you understand is much easier.

So let us take a look at the women’s shoe style guide. Once we get the knowledge we need from these categories fashion will be our second name.

This list will consist of three main categories: casual shoes, dress shoes and boots. Obviously all the time we are talking about women shoes and not shoes ingeneral.

                                                         Types Of Women’s Casual Shoes

Out of the many shoes that you will need on your the ones with the biggest amount are the casual shoes. They are the ones that you will wear most of the timeand if your casual shoes are fashion shoes, you are on the right track.


Fashion Shoes
Dior Ballerines

Starting our list with the famous ballerinas. Most of the women in the world own a pair of these, and for a good reason. They are very comfortable and cute tolook at. They are a flat shoe and come in many designs and forms.


Fashion Shoes
Louis Vuitton Wedges

Number 2 are the wedges. The best part about wedges is that they are both casual and formal, depending on how you use them and what you combine themwith. Wedges are an essential of every women’s wardrobe.

Lace Up and Canvas:

Fashion Shoes

Lace up shoes is a very term that consists a wide number of shoes. To simplify it basically represents all shoes that use laces to be tightened. These are the typesof shoes that you would wear to head out to store or something simple and similar.
We have included Canvas shoes on this entry because canvas shoes are basically lace up shoes but just worth mentioning, as they have are not only comfy butalso are very fashionable. They are best combined with jeans.


Fashion Shoes
Gucci Sandals

There are many sandal types out there that. From simplistic ones like flip flops to gladiator sandals, they are all the same in that they provide comfort. Sandalsare so great you forget you have them on, but they are also fashion shoes!

                                                         Types Of Women’s Dress Shoes

Being the fun they are, casual shoes won’t get you everywhere. For some specific things you will need not so casual shoes. On our second list of fashion shoeswe would like to talk about dress shoes.


Fashion Shoes
Christian Louboutin Heels

There isn’t much to be said here… Heels will always be high fashion shoes and they will always combine well with your dress. You just have to pay attention onwhether the color of your dress matches the one of your shoes.

Court shoes are heels that are fashion shoes and business shoes at the same time. These are the type of heels women wear to work or to court. However youshouldn’t limit yourself, if combined well these can look amazing on other occasions.


Fashion Shoes
Aldo Brogues

Although traditionally men shoes, brogues are becoming more and more a women’s shoe in the recent year. A great way to describe them would be this. Brogues are the formal ballerinas.

                                                               Types Of Women’s Boots

The last type of shoes that we will cover today and that you can turn into fashion shoes yourself are boots. The only reason why they are third on our list is justrandomness. They are very important and can be really stylish.

Calf Boots:

Fashion Shoes
Louis Vuitton Calf Boots

These are the type of boots that everyone owns, or at least everyone who lives in places that see winter should own. They are a great protector from the cold ofthe winter and give your outfit an “innocent”, for lack of better words, look.

Ankle Boots:

Fashion Shoes
Yves Saint Laurent Ankle Boots

The definition of ankle boots is as follows: boots that reach up to your ankle. Just like wedges ankle boots are great for that they can do both, casual and formal.The fact that they will keep you warm is an added bonus.

Military Boots:

Fashion Shoes
Aldo Military Boots

These are very modern boots. They are designed and created with actual military boots in mind. A great weapon against wet and cold feet, but also veryfashionable! If calf boots were innocent looking, military boots are the opposite!

By knowing the types of shoes available out there your choice will be much simple and the idea of always buying fashion shoes won’t be so hard to imagine.